Wisconsin CACFP Child Care Wellness Grant

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Program Description:
The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and statewide agency partners believe that child health and wellness can be achieved through the goal of developing and implementing child care wellness policies that concentrate on improving the nutritional quality of food served, encouraging physical activity and educating child care providers, parents and caregivers. This in turn will assist children in developing lifelong healthy habits.

Grants support nutrition, health, and wellness in the child care settings, DPI News Release, April 2, 2012

To develop and implement policies promoting the health and nutrition improvement for children in child care settings.

Administrative Resources and Forms for Subgrantees

Obesity Prevention in Early Care and Education Programs

Wisconsin Physical Activity and Nutrition Resource Guides
The Active Early and Healthy Bites guides were developed to support a healthier environment for children in the Early Care and Education setting.

Supporting and Promoting the Active Early/Healthy Bites Guides

Training Webcasts Supporting the Active Early/Healthy Bites Guides

Nutrition Resources

Menu Planning and Mealtime Resources

Culinary Resources

Farm to Child Care Resources

Physical Activity & Movement Resources

Family Outreach Resources

Curriculum Ideas and Take Home Activities

More Helpful Resources

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If you have any questions about the grant, please contact:
Linda Handel, RD, CD
CACFP Grant Specialist
E-Mail: Linda.Handel@dpi.wi.gov
Phone: 608.267.1283
Fax: 608.267.0363

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