School Breakfast Program

School Breakfast Program

More than 8.1 million children across the United States start their day with the School Breakfast Program, a Federal program that provides States with cash assistance for non-profit breakfast programs in schools and residential child care institutions.

Starting a School Breakfast Program

  • Serving Up a Successful School Breakfast Program - A Guide for School Breakfast Program Implementation, September 2009
  • School Breakfast 101
  • School Breakfast Program Cost/Benefit Analysis: Achieving a profitable SBP 2007
    UW Extension, Family Living Program, with Cost Analysis Spreadsheets
  • USDA - Discover School Breakfast Toolkit This toolkit has tips and information on starting or expanding a breakfast program, menu planning, designing a marketing plan, financial planning, surveys, flyers, brochures, posters and other promotional pieces.
  • Resources You Can Customize to Meet Your School's Needs
  • To sign your school up for this program or for more information contact Tracy Pierick at (608) 266-7112.
  • Request to Implement New School Breakfast Program Requirements Early
    • The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 issued regulations to update the meal pattern requirements and nutrition standards for school lunches and school breakfasts.  In the School Breakfast Program (SBP), the meal requirements (other than milk) were developed to be implemented gradually through SY2013-14 and SY2014-15.  Beginning in SY2014-15 School Food Authorities (SFAs) must offer at least 1 cup of fruit daily for all age-grade groups, and students will be required to select at least ½ cup of fruit as part of their reimbursable meal. SFA’s that wish to adopt the 2014-2015 new SBP requirements related to fruit earlier than the required date of implementation are required to have DPI-SNT’s approval in order to do so. In order to request to implement the additional new SBP requirements, please complete the form above and submit it to Tracy Pierick via email at
    • Note: SFAs who plan to offer 1 cup of fruit daily, but do not wish to require students to select ½ cup of fruit as part of the reimbursable meal for the 13-14 SY do not need to request a waiver.


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Wisconsin School Breakfast Statistics

  • School Breakfast Program Enrollment and Participation Report (E&PR)

    These data reports provide district level information regarding student enrollment and free and reduced price eligible students. The report also provides meal participation data by free/reduced price and paid categories.

    The source data for the annual E&PR comes from annual October reimbursement claims submitted to the DPI by Local Education Agencies (LEAs). The source data entitled "October 2010" comes from October 2010 reimbursement claims. Schools have 60 days after the last day of the month to submit claims therefore data is first assembled at the beginning of January. E&PR is typically posted near the beginning of the following year.

School Participation and Service Models

These data reports provide school level information regarding whether the school is serving breakfast or not and if they are what type of breakfast serving model is used. Schools offering the School Breakfast Program and those that are not are separated on two different tabs

Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) Report

This FRAC report presents state-by-state School Breakfast and Lunch participation data by School Year and the national rankings of each state.

SBP Contact

Tracy Pierick, MS, RDN, CD
Public Health Nutritionist


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