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Welcome to the School Nutrition Team training page that lists webcasts available for you to train staff 24/7.This page will be updated as more webcasts are recorded. Please continue to check this page for updates.

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Administrative Review: Part 1
View Webcast Video

This segment of the Administrative Review webinar covers Benefits and Issuance, Verification, and Meal Counting and Claiming. 11/1/13 37 minutes

Administrative Review: Part 2
View Webcast Video

This segment of the Administrative Review webinar covers Meal Components and Quantities, Offer versus Serve, Dietary Specifications, and Nutrient Analysis 11/1/13 30 minutes

Administrative Review: Part 3
View Webcast Video

This segment of the Administrative Review webinar covers Resource Management, General Program Compliance, Other Federal Programs, and Post-Review Procedure. 11/1/13 34 minutes

What's for Breakfast?
Part 1: The New Meal Pattern
View Webcast​ 

Part 1 will provide an overview of the meal pattern including changes that have been implemented in previous years as well as what is new for SY 2014-2015.

January 2015

35 minutes


What's for Breakfast?
Part 2: Offer versus Serve
View Webcast

Part 2 will provide a description and examples of how OVS operates for the School Breakfast Program. Play “Meal of Fortune” to test your knowledge of what makes up a reimbursable meal. 

January 2015

28 minutes


What's for Breakfast?
Part 3: Menu Planning
View Webcast


Part 3 will introduce various tools available to assist in the planning of breakfast menus. An overview is provided for the breakfast menu planning worksheet, USDA breakfast workbook, weekly nutrient calculator, recipe analysis tool, production records, and breakfast signage. Additionally, breakfast service models and financial models are discussed. 

January 2015 38 minutes  

Buy Right with NEW Regulations 
View Webcast Video

Review the Federal Procurement Regulations including the NEW purchasing regulations and how they affect you, the bid opening process, and the ethics involved with the entire procurement process.


18 minutes

Community Eligibility Provision new
View Webcast Video

This 45 minute presentation will provide an overview of Community Eligibility Provision, teach you how to identify eligibility requirements, and give practical application examples. 7/7/14 45 minutes

Direct Certification 
View Webcast Video



This 15 minute presentation efficiently guides you through the online Direct Certification process. USDA requires LEAs to run Direct Certification at least three times during every school year. Follow along as Marisa and Abby simplify and clarify Direct Certification.


6/10/13 15 minutes

Farm to School 101
View Webcast Video

Are you interested in starting a Farm to School program but feel overwhelmed by the many responsibilities you already have on your tray? We will cover a variety of topics including local purchasing considerations, student involvement and school gardens! Whether you are new to Farm to School or well-seasoned in the topic, this presentation will provide information on the components of a comprehensive program. 

9/17/13 50 minutes

Currently Being Updated - Check back soon!

Financial Basics: Claiming Reimbursement for the School Nutrition Programs



This session goes through the steps involved in filing an accurate electronic claim for reimbursement for the various School Nutrition Programs, as well as explaining how these reimbursements are paid to the school. 8/25/09 19 minutes

Currently Being Updated - Check back soon!

Financial Basics:Filing an Annual Financial Report for the School Nutrition Programs


This session will walk you through the process of completing the required Annual Financial Report where all revenues and expenditures of the foodservice program are accounted for. Examples of prorating will be given to help you in appropriately allocating both revenues and expenditures between the National School Lunch, School Breakfast, A la Carte and Afterschool Snacks.


8/25/09 21 minutes

Food Safety Plan Based on Process Approach to Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Principles Low Resolution Replay (WMV)Video

Participants are encouraged have existing plans, if available, to determine if necessary items are included. The DPI prototype plans designed for use in Wisconsin school operations are provided as a resource. Easy to follow steps and resources are shared to fine tune existing plans or adapt the DPI version for specific school operations. 8/4/11 2 hours + 20 minutes

Updating Food Safety Plan (Advanced)

USDA requires periodic validation, at least annually, of the existing food safety plan to make necessary updates. In addition, ongoing verification activities should be in place to ensure that the plan is followed and to identify additional training needs. After a brief review of necessary food safety plan components, participants will use an evaluation checklist to assess the school agency's existing plan and learn what to look for when verifying that the plan is operational. Resources will be shared to assist participants with plan updates and training.



1 hour + 43 minutes

Free and Reduced Price Meals Eligibility Process: Getting Started View Webcast Video


This webcast discusses where to find the free and reduced price meal application and resource materials on the website, and the distribution and public release requirements. 9/13/10 12 minutes


Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility Process: Eligibility Certification View Webcast Video

In this webcast learn about the certification process which includes direct certification, application approval (income and categorical), and categorical eligibility for homeless, migrant/runaway youth, and Head Start/Even Start. 9/13/10 40 minutes


Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility Process: Special Approval Situations and Recordkeeping Requirements View Webcast Video


In this webcast learn about the certification process in special situations such as foreign exchange students, joint custody, Foster child/KinshipCare/adoption, transfer students, and self employed seasonal workers. Recordkeeping requirements for the programs are also reviewed. 9/13/10 21 minutes


Currently Being Updated - Check back soon!

Great Beginnings Academy

Hear about our one year training experience for managers/directors new to School Nutrition Programs.

9/14/07 12 minutes

Currently Being Updated - Check back soon!

HUSSC: Achieving Success in Wisconsin


This webinar introduces the HealthierUS School Challenge to participants, discuss the certification levels, reviews the criteria, and provides tips for getting started on taking the challenge.  9/6/13 19 minutes

Currently Being Updated - Check back soon!

HUSSC: Completing Your Application


This webinar is for people who have made the decision to take the challenge but want more information about accessing the application. 9/6/13 21 minutes 

HUSSC: Required Documentation View Webcast Video

This webinar reviews the supporting documentation that is required to be submitted along with a school’s HUSSC application. 9/6/13 10 minutes

Currently Being Updated - Check back soon!

Introduction to the Food Buying Guide



The Food Buying Guide (FBG) is essential to following the USDA credentialing regulations. Learn how to read the tables and what the FBG all has to offer.


9/05/07 8 minutes

Dietary Specification Tool for Recipe Analysis View Webcast Video



With the changes to the National School Lunch Program effective July 1, 2012, calculating calories and saturated fat quantities for each item served is imperative to make sure your meals are fitting within the range requirements. We realize that this can be a cumbersome and overwhelming task. For this purpose, we have made a quick and easy recipe calculator that will help you determine what you need to know about your recipes. We will be reviewing how to read a nutrition facts label, where to find nutrition fact sheets, and how to use the recipe calculator developed by the School Nutrition Team.

2/08/13 12 minutes

New Lunch Meal Pattern View Webcast Video

Feeling overwhelmed by the new meal pattern requirements for lunch? In this training, you will receive an overview of the National School Lunch Program meal pattern, which includes discussion on the five components, offer versus serve, and other dietary specifications.


6/20/13 47 minutes

On, Wisconsin! Cycle Menus - Getting Started View Webcast Video

This webcast demonstrates how to use the resources included in the On, Wisconsin! Menus in a step-by-step format and provides tips for implementation in your program. 1/27/14 19 minutes
Offer versus Serve View Webcast​  Offer vs. Serve is a provision of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) that allows students to decline some parts of a reimbursable meal. This webcast will review Offer versus Serve for NSLP and SBP.  5/21/15    

Portion Control: What's the Scoop on Portion Control? View Webcast Video

USDA regulations require that schools serve minimum quantities of food that meet meal pattern requirements. This session will provide line staff with information to ensure that correct portion sizes are being served as well as planned and prepared. Through hands on activities participants will learn the reason for portion control, tools needed and tips for controlling portions. Participants will also learn how portion sizes affect nutrient content and overall food cost.


8/23/11 17 minutes

Production Records:
The Perfect Production or 30 minutes to Keeping "Great" Production Records!

"The Perfect Production" is an overview of the important role that complete and accurate production records play in the success of all successful school nutrition programs. In this MS Live recording, originally prepared for the Lacrosse-Coulee region 2011 summer in-service training, viewers will understand the critical role production records play in managing every aspect of a school's foodservice operation and learn valuable skills in the efficient and timely completion of the daily production records.

8/22/11 28 minutes


Special Dietary Needs: Looking at Special Needs through Different Eyes... View Webcast Video

Schools often are apprehensive about their role in accommodating children with special dietary needs. This presentation offers USDA's regulatory guidance on the subject, discusses several dietary modifications that schools may be asked to provide and gives insight on the importance of creating a positive school meals experience for all children.

11/4/08 15 minutes

Special Dietary Needs:Working Together to Accommodate Special Dietary Needs View Webcast Video

Two of the biggest barriers for accommodating students' documented special dietary needs are fear and lack of knowledge. This presentation focuses on identifying stakeholders and resources that will aid in working together cooperatively and effectively.


11/4/08 25 minutes

Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in Schools (aka Smart Snacks) View Webcast Video

This webcast provides an overview of the Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in Schools (aka Smart Snacks). 4/17/14 40 minutes

Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in Schools (aka Smart Snacks) Abbreviated version.

View Webcast Video

This webcast provides an overview of the Nutrition Standards for Smart Snacks.

9/15/14 21 minutes

Financial Viability with Smart Snacks View Webcast Video

This webcast provides an overview of financial viability of Smart Snacks. 11/26/14  

Understanding USDA's Special Milk Program View Webcast Video

This webcast involves Understanding USDA’s Special Milk Program and is intended for schools who are either interested in participating in the Special Milk Program or who are already participating and would like a better understanding of the regulations and requirements set up by USDA for the administration of the Special Milk Program for schools.  7/9/13 20 minutes

Understanding USDA's Severe Need Breakfast Program View Webcast Video

The Severe Need Breakfast program provides additional reimbursements for schools who serve at least 40% of lunches to students who qualify for free and reduced meal benefits. Eligibility is determined on a school by school basis and must be applied for annually. This webcast provides guidance on the regulatory requirements for the program and helps schools determine if they might qualify for severe need reimbursement rates.


10/29/09 7 minutes

Verification Process - What is Involved? View Webcast Video


Overview of Verification: process starts with the approved applications on file on October 1st (excluding applications still being “carried over” for 30 operating days from the previous school year). Students identified by Direct Certification are excluded. Learn how to conduct the verification process which is to be completed annually by November 15th. What are the responsibilities of the Determining, Verifying, Confirming and Hearing Officials? Tips for success are shared! Learn which letters ensure Civil Rights compliance. Special situations, replacing an application and “Verification for Cause” are explained. Expand your knowledge of USDA’s Eligibility Manual for School Meals: Determining and Verifying Eligibility.”

10/30/13 1 hour, 5 minutes

Verification Process - 3 Sample Sizes and Methods of Selection View Webcast Video

3 Verification sampling methods are: Standard, Alternate #1 (randomly) and Alternate #2. Learn which method your agency may or must use. “Verification Forms” are recommended.

10/30/13 26 minutes

Instructions for Submitting the Verification Collection Report   View Webcast Video

“Verification Collection Report” (VCR) must be submitted by February 1. Print “Instructions”. Learn how to complete/submit the VCR under “Online Services”. Remember: failure to submit by February 1 will result in your school/district/RCCI being placed in claims withholding. Claims will not be paid while in withholding. 

11/5/13 32 minutes

Weekly Nutrient Calculator View Webcast Video

The Weekly Nutrient Calculator is a tool developed to aid you in performing a weighted nutrient analysis (calories, saturated fat, and sodium) on one week of menus. This tool can be used to ensure compliance with the nutrient specifications of the NSLP and SBP meal patterns, but may not be used as part of the menu certification process. 

9/12/13 12 minutes
Direct Diversion Monitoring - Low Resolution Replay (WMV) This MS Live presentation covers inventory monitoring and includes a brief discussion on entering pound commitment. 10/25/11 26 minutes PowerPoint
WI Commodity Ordering System CARS Report AccessVideo

This webcast covers accessing and printing the Commodity Allocation Receipt Summary (CARS) report.


11/12/08 7 minutes PowerPoint
WI Commodity Ordering System SFA Summary and Delivery Location Forms SubmissionVideo

This webcast covers the accessing and entry of both the School Food Authority (SFA) Summary form and the Delivery Location Form in the WI Commodity Ordering System.


11/12/08 6 minutes PowerPoint

WI Commodity Ordering System Orders Tab InstructionsVideo


This webcast covers the accessing and use of the Orders tab in the WI Commodity Ordering System. 11/12/08 9 minutes PowerPoint
WI Commodity Ordering System Allocation Tab InstructionsVideo

This webcast covers the accessing and use of the Allocations tab in the WI Commodity Ordering System.


11/12/08 10 minutes PowerPoint
WI Commodity Ordering System Surplus Request InstructionsVideo This presentation covers the accessing of the Surplus request screen in the WI Commodity Ordering System. 11/12/08 14 minutes PowerPoint

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