Wisconsin School Day Milk Program


This program was established under Section 1741s of the 1987 Wisconsin Act 27 which created s. 115.343 Wisconsin Morning Milk Program and amended by 1991 Wisconsin Act 39. It is a local assistance program to provide free milk to children in public and private schools, grades prekindergarten through five, who meet the National School Lunch Program guidelines for free or reduced-price lunch. It is a state-authorized, state-funded program.

Who is Eligible to Apply:

Public and non-profit private schools.

Amount of Funds Available:

The beverages served free to eligible children are reimbursed based on the full cost. If the appropriation in any year is insufficient to pay the full cost of beverages served, payments will be prorated among the schools submitting a claim for reimbursement.

Application Due Date:

Applications are accepted year-round.

Links to Application Materials or Other Grant Information:

Contact for More Information:

Jessica Sharkus, School Nutrition Team Director
Phone: 608.267.9121
E-Mail: Jessica.Sharkus@dpi.wi.gov

For questions about this information, contact Angela Paul (608) 267-9206